Creative Therapy Online is an online directory for all creative therapy professionals. 

About Us


Creative Therapy?

The term "creative therapy" includes all therapy models that integrate artistic means of expression in their practice. Creative Therapy Online welcomes all professions of creative therapy. Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Dance-Movement Therapy, Play Therapy, Sandplay Therapy, Photo Therapy, Poetry Therapy and other creative therapy professions are some of Creative Therapy Online's focuses.

Founder Matthew Viviano, during his education at Concordia University in Montreal, Québec for his masters in Drama Therapy, realized that creative therapy as a practice is still considered new in the mental health care field. This website is designed to help make creative therapy accessible to the public and for creative therapists to connect with one another effortlessly via the world wide web.

The website includes directories for international countries, as well as Canada exclusively.

In most parts of the world, creative therapy is well-known and well-received; these people can benefit from Creative Therapy International - a directory designed to connect practitioners all over the globe to create networking opportunities, job opportunities and foster a sense of community amongst the unique practice of creative therapy.

As a proud Canadian citizen, Viviano believed that advancing creative therapy awareness in Canada was needed - and therefore a page is dedicated to creative therapy practitioners in Canada called Creative Therapy Canada.


Our Mission

Creative Therapy Online
  • To foster a sense of community amongst creative therapy professionals. 
  • To connect creative therapy professionals to the public and other professionals. 
  • To educate how creative therapy of all professions can help those in need. 
  • To advance the growth, reputation and importance of the creative therapy professions. 

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