Aurora Luna Walss, Art Therapist


Aurora Luna Walss, Art Therapist 

Education: Expressive Art Therapy Consultant, Marriage and Family Psychotherapy Masters Degree, Education Masters Degree

Licensure Number: 8085397

Certifications: Consultant

Associations: AMA, Asociacion Multinacional en Arteterapia

Location: Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico

Website: &

Languages Spoken:  Spanish, English

Clinical Specialties:  Trauma, Family Violence, Marriage, Special Needs, Palliative Care

Past Projects: 

  • Art Therapy on-line educational program for Latin American people
  • Art Therapy educational program for Universidad Autonoma de Coahulia
  • Art Therapy for children with special needs,
  • Art Therapy for teenagers
  • Presented paper at the 2015 Art Therapy Conference at Buenos Aires Argentina
  • Presented paper at the 2016 International Art Therapy Conference in Hong Kong

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