The Logo - What does it Mean?

As Creative Therapy Online is a new community, it bears an emblem that will carry an important message about our unique growing network. The question is, what is the message?

Viviano created the logo with the idea of community in mind. As this website brings together different kinds of creative therapy professionals with different training experiences, inherently everyone on this website is very different. However, we are all similar because we all use creativity to help

The two black semi-circles on the outside of the logo represent the therapist-client relationship during sessions. Therapy is a way to explore relationships through the special connection of therapist and client. This paradigm of human connection is common with all creative therapy models.

The different coloured circles within the semi-circles represent the different creative therapy professions.

Red represents Drama Therapy for the passionate expression of characters during stories.

Blue represents Music Therapy in which, like the tides of an ocean, the rhythms, and flow of the music explored in sessions help the clients.

Purple represents Dance-Movement Therapy as a combination of red passionate expression and blue rhythmic flow to create dance.

Pink represents Play Therapy in its soft and kind way to give children a space to explore issues using toys.

Yellow represents Sandplay Therapy with its texture that can represent the rough patches and calm deserts explored with the client.

Green represents Art Therapy with its earthy use of art materials to create something from nothing.

Light-Blue represents Photo and Poetry Therapy which give life to the pictorial and lingual forms of weaving static stories that can hold space for the client to express - like ice holding the static story of water.

Finally, Silver represents Expressive Arts Therapy and Integrative Methods which encompass the use of all creative therapy tools to help clients explore, create, and express themselves.

And in the centre, the world wide web connects all of these ideas, thoughts, practices and professionals together.

This logo represents the dream that all creative therapy professionals can learn from one another, grow together, and help others better than ever imagined.