Caroline (Carrie) Foster, Drama Therapist

Caroline (Carrie) Foster, Drama Therapist

Wishing to change is the beginning of a journey towards a different life. Seeking help along the road is a strength and a way to engage more fully in the journey. As a drama therapist I have worked with narrative and re-storying past, and believe strongly in the practice of connecting both mind and body in the process of change. It is this work that I offer to my clients. I provide therapy to children, teens and adults that is goal-oriented and action-method based designed to help clients achieve a healthy relationship with themselves and others. 

Caroline (Carrie) Foster, Drama Therapist

Education: M.A. CATS, M.Sc(A) Couple and Family Therapy

Licensure: Pending

Certifications: RDT, CCC


Location: Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Languages:  English & French

Clinical Specialties:  Trauma (adult and child), Couples, Families, Women

Past Projects: Please request CV or portfolio for many projects, past and current

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