David Woods, Art Therapist

I help individuals resolve internal conflict and improved coping with Art Psychotherapy, or Art Therapy, which is an approach, in which no particular arts or creative skills are required, to explore healing, and personal growth that involves creative expression and dialogue, using mediums like markers, coloured pencils, pastels, paint, modeling clay, photography, photocollage, and/or many others that increase ones awareness of yourself, your feelings and experiences and those around you at a pace you are comfortable with, and the art object provides an external focus for expression of thoughts and feelings. It is an excellent technique for children, youth, and adults, and in situations where language use may be a barrier to awareness and progress. It is suitable for age 5 and up. Art Therapy may work well with children, teens, adults and seniors who may benefit from focusing on unconscious blocks to their awareness and skill development.

David Woods, Art Therapist 

Education: Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy, Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology

Associations: OATA, CCPA

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

Website: www.davidwwoods.ca

Languages Spoken:  English

Clinical Specialties:  Children, Adolescents, Adults, Depression, Anxiety, and other mental health conditions including Grief and Loss

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