Gali Salpeter, Expressive Therapist

Gali Salpeter, Expressive Therapist

"The River" is a therapeutic tool. Designed especially for working on processes in life within therapeutic settings. 

Gali Salpeter, Expressive Therapist - Spec. Drama and Narrative

Education: M.A. Expressive Therapy, Lesley-College, B.A. Psychology, Sociology, Antrhopology

Certifications: Expressive Therapist (M.A.)

Associations: Member of NFKUT (Norwegian Association for Expressive Therapist: Norsk Forening for Kunst og Uttrykksterapi) and I.C.E.T. (Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Therapies)

Location: Trondheim, Sør Trondlag, Norway


Languages: English, Hebrew, Norwegian

Clinical Specialities: Creating therapeutic tools and guidebooks for mental health professionals

Past Projects:

  • The River Set: A Deck of Projective Cards, Metaphorical Story and Guidebook for Therapists
  • ROADS Deck: Deck of Associative cards for Expressive Therapy

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