Joseph Tanti, Dramatherapist

Joseph Tanti, Dramatherapist


Joseph Tanti, Dramatherapist

Education: MA Dramatherapy (Roehampton, UK), PGCE; B.Psy (Hons); ITEC

Certifications: HCPC UK Registered Dramatherapist

Licensure Number: HCPC AS15427

Associations: British Associations of Dramatherapists (;

Creative Art Therapises Society Malta (;

 The British Psychological Society (

Location: B'Kara, Malta, EU

Website:  and

Languages: Maltese, English, Italian

Clinical Specialties:  Trauma, domestic violence, abuse, family, children, adolescents, young adults, adults, eating disorders, education, career advisor, training, health and social care, learning disabillities

Past Projects: Setting up "treecat™ dramatherapy" and active member at CATSMalta (Creative Art Therapies Society Malta) working on local recognition, professions growth and exposure

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