Marni Rosen, Art Therapist

Marni Rosen, Art Therapist

I am the Practice Manager of the Institute for Therapy through the Arts (ITA). ITA empowers and energizes individuals, families and communities to grow and heal by engaging in creative arts therapies. We offer music, art, dance, and drama therapies in Chicago, Evanston, and Lake Forest. ITA is: INSPIRING CHANGE and wellness in individuals and families through Creative Arts Therapy STRENGTHENING HEALTH in community organizations by providing state of the art consultation, training, and clinical programs CULTIVATING ACHIEVEMENT in students' academic and social development through a collaborative team approach to treatment FORGING LEADERSHIP in the Creative Arts Therapy fields by advocating for each discipline and providing integrated training experiences. The creative arts therapies provide access to these experiences beyond traditional talk therapy approaches, allowing healing to occur even without the use of language. The power of the creative arts therapies can promote health, creativity, and beauty.


Marni Rosen, Art Therapist

Education: Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, emphasis in Art Therapy; Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology, PsyD

Certifications: PsyD, ATR

Associations: Illinois Art Therapy Association, North American Society for Adlerian Psychology, American Art Therapy Association

Location: Evanston, IL, USA


Languages:  English

Clinical Specialties: Trauma, Family, Children, Individuals, Group

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