Ryan Campinho Valadas, Drama Therapist

Ryan Campinho Valadas, Drama Therapist

I am a fully qualified and registered Dramatherapist, whose life, academic and professional experiences have taken me from Lisbon, to Washington DC, New York, Glasgow, and now London. 

I am deeply inspired and motivated by human connection and interaction, and have been supporting and mentoring others in various capacities for 11 years. I have recently opened a private practice, which aims to bring together my work with individuals and orgaisations, and to focus on four core principles: Emotional Integration, Self-Compassion, Post-traumatic Growth, and Interdependent Relationships.

By using the different areas of inspiration and theory of different disciplines - performance, psychology, anthropology, and spirituality - I aim to find harmony and authenticity between and within the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of each individual.


Ryan Campinho Valadas, Drama Therapist

Education: MA Dramatherapy

Certifications: HCPC - Registered Drama Therapy

Licensure Number: AS15378

Associations: The British Association of Dramatherapists

Location: London, United Kingdom

Website:  http://thehealingcontinuum.com/

Languages:  English, Portuguese

Clinical Specialties:  Addiction; HIV; Trauma; LGBTQ+ wellbeing

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